Wednesday, April 7, 2010

End of Shinkenger Review (Part 1)

Welcome to my End of Shinkenger review. Sorry I’ve been putting this off for so long but I’ve been busy with a lot of pet projects and with my new friends at the Geek Fighters. Besides, all this is for you the fans so don’t complain. Let’s move on shall we?

*MASSIVE SPOILERS* for anyone who has not seen episode 48 of Shinkenger yet. I warned you.

Okay first off, Juuzou and Takeru had one hellacious feud in this show. I’d rate it second only to the Jan/Rio war in Gekiranger. BTW for those of you who didn’t know, that was Kaidou from Faiz as Juuzou. I was glad to see his character here wasn’t a rehash of that. Sadly Juuzou didn’t survive. I thought he would reform and become a Shinkenger but even I knew that was asking for too much. Secondly, I LOVE what Kaoru does with Takeru. I was shocked as most of you were but we’ll get to that later.

Seeing Dayuu (or Tayuu, whichever it’s spelled) die was kind of sad and who would’ve guessed she would bring Doukoku into our world with her shamisen? I honestly did not see that coming and it almost comes to the point where you feel sorry for her. However it is kind of bittersweet to think that the big bad was Dokoku all along. I expected him to be defeated for good near the end and a new baddie would arise or be unleashed. Go figure.


Now it’s no surprise to me or anyone for that matter that Doukoku made short work of the other Shinkengers but I have to give credit where it’s due. Kaoru had balls, even for a girl. Yes, once upon a time I would have laughed and ridiculed a female red ranger (and I did in SPD). Kaoru may have been reckless at times but she could really hold her own in battle and I applaud the crew working on Shinkenger on this plot point. It was kind of obvious that her sealing power wouldn’t work on Doukoku since, come on, when is it ever that simple?

One thing I have to gripe about is when can’t humans be sealed? Okay I’ll buy that Doukoku “absorbed” Dayuu/Tayuu, but what does being human have to do with anything? And why doesn’t he just go on a killing spree when Takeru helps the others escape? That’s kind of a weak premise but hey, a suspension of disbelief is Tokusatsu’s bread and butter.

Now we get to the part I mentioned earlier. Kaoru is wounded badly by Doukoku when the seal failed to work and so she asks to see Takeru, aka the shadow. She is left out of commission and now there is no ShinkenRed to lead the team, so what does she do? Probably the most awesome and clever plot twist in Super Sentai history. She ADOPTS Takeru. My jaw hit the floor when I saw that. It came out of nowhere. So, in a nutshell, Takeru is now the rightful Shiba head and team leader once more. Give the writer Yasuko Kobayashi props for that one. Mama Kaoru is one of the highest calibers of WIN!


Now with the invasion of the Gedoushuu in full swing, it’s up to Takeru-tachi to stop Doukoku the only way they can, through force. BTW you gotta love Takeru’s subtle reaction to now calling Kaoru mother. So the Sanzu River flows into Japan and the Gedoushuu literally begin the slaughter. (No seriously, they kill people.) Is Doukoku truly invincible? Can the Shinkengers seal the Gedoushuu once and for all? Will Kaoru’s trump card make the difference? Tune in next time. Same Shinken time, same Shinken channel.

Or you can just wait for part 2 of my End of Shinkenger review, next time. Later!

“If it bleeds, we can kill it.” - Arnold Schwarzenegger in Predator.

BTW Show of hands. Who here wanted to punch Tanba as hard as you can?

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  1. Both of the half gedo story lines shinkenger was in my opnion one of the best parts. How we learn Juuzou was so blood thirsty al he wanted to do was kill and after all that time his wife still wanted to try and stop him was heart breaking. And I still feel soorry for Dayuu. Here's my alternat charter interprtaion of her death. Doukoku absorbs her in a embrace when he absorbs her and takes her kimono back to the Gedoshu world for a makeshift ceremony seems to indicate he actually cared for her on some level. But he's still Gedoshu but the way he acknowledges her death unlike all of the other monster even top level generals seem to say he loved her as much as he "humanly" could. And he ended her life to free her from her eternal pain.

    as for how he was now immune from the seal...I think it had something to do with the way the gedoshu can't enter the gedoshu worl and the gedoshu can't survive in ours or something...

    Kaoru was the biggest shocker of the final acts. Mostly because she didn't act like a she deserved to be the heir. Even admitting she didn't consider the feeling of others when she acted and being thankful for what Takeru and the others did. But we still need someone to hate so enter Tanba!

    "So now that the REAL hero has arrived shadow, sushi seller piss off. You were never neccesarry even though we wouldn't have half the mecha and weaponry without."

    Ungrateful bastard

    Takeru becoming the 19th head. I didn't see that coming. when I saw a small peak of that episode I though it would be something lame like he was secretly her brother or something when they showed the lineage scrool. It blew my mind when I learned what really went down. This season pretty much rider kicked (I know bad joke) when ever I had a set expectaion of how the story would go down.

    And when I saw the people being slaughtered by the Gedoshu the first thought in my head was "Reason 20,067 why there was no way this season would ever make it to america"

    Keep up the good work my good man and can't wait to the second part