Monday, February 28, 2011

Updated Toku Time Schedule

Hey there Toku Faithful. I've made up a list of everything I'll be doing for now up until the beginning of April. Lots of big stuff happening in March to coincide with the launch of Reviewtopia, my new home.

So check out what's to come in the following weeks. Some shows may have unscheduled delays so don't complain if they aren't on the exact date.

March 5

New Segment/Show with a VERY Special Guest.

March 12

Seiji Takaiwa Tribute

March 19

Toku Hackdown with Apollo Z. Hack

March 25

Toku Movie Friday: KR Agito: Project G4

April 3

Kamen Rider 40th Anniversary Special Episode.
Kamen Rider: The First.

April 5

Super Sentai 35th Anniversary Special Episode.
When Worlds Collide. Goranger vs. JAKQ

So yea. I'm gonna be busy. Well back to work. Later.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Panel Talk: Issue #001: X-Men

Me and 16-bit Jeff kick off our new comic books podcast.

Special Guests: Fighter Xaos from Ikaricast and MattyJay from The Wrestle-Cast.

Topic: X-Men First Class. Trailer, Thoughts on.
Question: Why Hasn't Kevin Smith directed a Comic Film?
Segment: Comic Book Hall of Shame.


Wednesday, February 9, 2011