Tuesday, February 8, 2011

EZ Rider's Take on Power Rangers Samurai


  1. I did a written review myself, and my problem with the "leave your friends" part was that it was a story in itself, but instead just gets shoved in, when the more interesting story of Mike's trying to prove himself to himself should have had more focus.

    Otherwise, I actually thought the theme was kind of lazy, just using the old theme with one line changed and I would have liked to have some idea what's going on, even if it was just Mike explaining to his friends why he can't hang out with them. A minute or two of exposition and I would have been satisfied. Why do the Nighlocks want to get into our world? Conquest? Revenge? The new Tron movie? Why?

    Beyond that, it was a good focus episode (I do find it interested that Jayden is all about teamwork but from what I've heard about Shinkenger his counterpart is more into sacrificing alone without his teammates) and I enjoyed it. It just wasn't a good first episode. More like episode 2, as we have no idea what anybody's motivations are.

  2. The reason for the mega ranger modes was that they took out the phone turning into a brush and they needed to change the cockpit footage and they wanted to sell toys at the same time so they made the mega rangers.

  3. I wonder what do you think of Samurai now. I don't see any more videos here, have you done something on that? Because I'm pretty sure you must hate it just like I do, for being a carbon copy of Samurai and the lack of Bulk and Spike doing something relevant to the plot. And the fact that there's a real origin which should have aired earlier