Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Top 10 Kamen Rider Theme Songs

First of (hopefully) 4 videos all month long. A new video next week.


  1. Okay I called Faiz being 5, Den-O being on, and the rider;s show you hate being number one. Double/W has the best song but it's not done so it can't be on.

  2. Nice list EZ Rider. And congrats! :D

  3. Why don't you like Decade? Decade was my first Rider series to watch and I didn't think it was bad.

  4. Let me save EZ's time by saying as a Rider fan it had its moments of suck. If that is your first series then I can understand, but if you see the other shows then it will suffer from the painfully obvious flaws in continuity and logic.

    Kuuga is arguably the most powerful Rider in the heisei era and he is reduced to a weak cheerleader who doesn't even fight until the final few episodes and his Rising Ultimate Form did almost nothing. (a walking toy sale promotion obviously.)

    Disrespect to continuity plus plot-holes equals confusion.

    Why is it called Decade and yet Showa era riders show up in the series?

    Why did Shocker now decide to make a comeback after almost 30 years of inactivity?

    (Shocker is the original enemy of Kamen Rider,a rouge terrorist force tied to the Nazis that believed that the perfect race of humans was not through natural selection but horrific science experiments in cybernetics.)

    On the plus side:

    Henshin device sounds cool and copying other riders is a neat power.

    They managed to get Tetsuo..Freakin'.. Kurata
    AWESOME!!! "Kamen Rider BLACK!.. R!.. X!.."

    Kiva showed up (Although I wished he played a bigger role.)

    Seeing Decade smack around the Imagin put an evil grin on my face. I hate how ultra-popular Den-O is in Japan. Like EZ I loved the series but it needs to DIE.

    Kamen Rider ZX and J! WOOO!
    Toei needs make a ZX series like... NOW! (after OOO's of course.)

    Double's cameo.. short, sweet and make Decade look like a whimp. LOL