Friday, April 29, 2011

KR 40th Anniversary Special Review: KR The First


  1. The subplot of the kids felt tacked on for me as well. As for getting a hold of this movie. If you cannot find it in a retail setting, Netflix has it for rent. That is how I originally saw it.

    Thanks, EZ for a review of this movie. I completely agree with you on your conclusions and look forward to seeing what you think of "The Next" movie in the series. Get it, see what I did there?? I am such a dork. *sigh* Thanks again.

  2. It's too bad they derailed this film series in The Next. I would have loved to see Riderman and all the others up to RX get a new coat of paint while staying faithful to Shotaro's vision of a classic hero.

    A Super-1 remake would be really cool, seeing a kung fu hornet/space cowboy with interchangeable hands fighting aliens from another galaxy.

    Oh well, I can still dream about it...

  3. Eyes. Watch your eyes. Look at other reviewers. You NEED to focus your look either on camera or offcamera. You can change that during expressions and stuff. But most of the time You should either look off or at camera rather consistently. Your eyeballs bounce all over the place regardless the context of scene.
    Friendly advice because it's distracting...

  4. Oh and spiders aren't insects last time I checked...

  5. Nice review. I've been following you for quite long and love your blog ^_^ Any plan to do THE NEXT? :D