Saturday, May 21, 2011

EZ Rider Drunk Dials........


  1. LOL. That was neat. Loved how you spliced yourself with the footage. Awesome job. ^__^

  2. That must be one hell of a phone bill, EZ!

    Good edit job.

  3. What were you drinking that made you drunk dial, EZ? Looked like Crown Royal. If so, excellent choice, sir!

  4. Wow... I wish I could read subtitles over the phone.

    Surprisingly, the fact that she was speaking japanese didn't reallly bugged me until the end.
    Magic of subtitles... If you get to used to them, they destroy your ability to realize that language is different.
    It's quite funny how japanese sound completely different when I don't have anything to read in the lower half of the screen. It suddenly have a lot more gibberish in it, than you expect. And you sit there and try to understand what Niata says, but his robotic voice is to hard to understand... *keeps ranting about Radiant Mythology 3*

  5. Mmmm, not really sure on thsi one. No offence but I'd stick to the reviews and the comedy you do in them. Plus I always feel 2/3 min vids on Blip are a waste because I have to watch an advert that takes half the time of the video.
    For me the funniest thing in the video is Otoya dancing in the background.

  6. How are you calling someone in the 80's?