Monday, July 18, 2011

MOONRISE Part 2: Once A Ranger


  1. Man, I wish you'd label these as reviews too as I didnt realise until this one was posted. No offense but I hate storyline from reviewers, so I had no interest in watching these till I realised.
    As for the 'Team Up' I hated pretty much everything about it, I remember readin that Adam was to return and thinking it would be awesome, but that wasnt the case. I know Disney proabably cant use the MMPR music, but it felt wierd that everyone else got there series respective music when they morphed and Adam got some generic rock crap. Also, you gotta love the role-calls in PR, with everyone just shouting, HA, instead of something cool like in Sentai.
    Anyways, now I know these are reviews I look forward to seeing whats next, something awesome I hope!!

  2. Okay review. Never watched Operation Overdrive except for one episode since it looked ridiculous, So I'll have to take your word for it.