Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Dekaranger Review

Enjoy my new review of Dekaranger. It took some time after delays and unforseen circumstances beyond my control. I have a better copy that I will try and upload later on. Thanks for everyone who requested shows and keep on requesting because I have LOTS of ideas for future sketches.

P.S I'm still in need of some wristband morphers so if you don't want yours anymore, send it my way. That includes Kamen Rider wristbands too.

EDIT: Better version uploaded.


  1. I just discovered this blog! Im gonna be watching all your videos!

  2. Do you know that some actors from Deka & magi who is later into the new parody movie called Cho Ninja Tai Inazuma? Also that guy who played Dekared who is actually played in Prince Of Tennis Live action movie?