Monday, April 11, 2011

The Official Toku Time Glossary (Second Entry)

Well I thought some of these other terms were pretty self-explanatory but it doesn't matter. I'll explain the two I missed earlier and hopefully this will be the end of it.


Good old Moltar. Former host of Toonami and director of SGC2C coined this term. Basically this means the writers of the show/movie got lazy and was obviously trying to fill gaps in the story and it it painful. This is where the show or movies tends to just give up (Chou Den-O anyone?). So this is past the point of stupidity. Again this requires no visual aid because seeing one of these would just make your head hurt and I don't want to harm my fans. Be grateful.


Let's just come out and state the obvious shall we? Tokusatsu shows were made for the sole purpose to sell toys. Yes, even in their heyday. But to be fair what ISN'T made for selling merchandise these days? This term is designed to point out a new fan-dangled device which kids who are pumped full of sugar products will see and pester their parental units to get them. Now I know what you're thinking. "Oh please Mr. Rider. We went through the same thing when we were kids so we were no better." Well you got me there. HOWEVER in tokusatsu they like to wave a new item for the heroes and then quickly never show it again nor mention it again EVER! This is mostly a Kamen Rider trope. On the Super Sentai/Power Rangers side of things they like to shoehorn in a last minute weapon/mech before the final story arc. So yea. Dark stories? Character development? Nah, just focus on selling toys.


So that is that. If I missed anything (and I'm sure I did) let me know and I'll just add them here instead of making a new post. Later.

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  1. you forgot "isn't it all pointless?!", but that's pretty self-explanatory...