Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Official Toku Time Glossary

Hey there Toku Faithful. It's the toku guy EZ Rider here. You know I get a lot of comments on videos/emails/questions during livestream about allthese terms I use on Toku Time so I thought. What the hell? I'll explain some of them. Let's get started in no particular order.


Ah. Much like Snoopy who had trouble getting in to human places in Snoopy Come Home, Super Sentai has been prone to being in a jam battling evil forces. When said evil (usually one or more) sends our heroes to the ground with a massive energy attack they "de-transform" and cannot muster any strength to fight back until later. This works for both Super Sentai AND Power Rangers because, well lets face it, they both take a beating every series.



Inspired by the Epic Fail that Sean Fausz has made so epic (pun intended) and Kamen Rider Kabuto this term works pretty much the same as No Morphs Allowed only in this case it's just for Kamen Riders. Don't get me wrong Kamen Riders have some awesome battles but no Rider is invincible (not even you, Decade). When a big bad or in some cases a kaijin of the week gets the better of our hero (or anti-hero, it varies) and beats them within an inch of their lives to the point the Rider falls out of his Kamen/masked state. Said rider can no longer fight until the script says so or until it's most convenient. Thus the rider has failed to defeat his opponent. It's not a put-down its....okay fine it's a put-down if you must call it that.



I kind of went over this in my Nexus review but for you Toku Faithful who are new to the ranks I'll bring you up to speed. When any hero from Japan (hence J-Hero) is accused of a crime they didn't commit and hunted down/chased/arrested/etc etc then they are candidates for this justice system. This can only work in series, not movies (unless it was like a 4 hour movie which would be insane) since it gives the accused time to clear his or her name and get right with the man aka cops, company, alternate universes or what have you. This can work for ANY tokusatsu hero. Kamen Rider, Super Sentai, Ultraman, etc. Unless they DID commit it and deserve to be strapped to an electric chair....Decade!

The J-Hero Justice System. All suspects are guilty until proven innocent in a court of 50 episodes or less.



I'm going to go out on a limb here and say most of you know what Baka means. If you don't. It means idiot. Basically this meme that I'm trying to shove down your throat is basically when someone does something so bone-shatteringly stupid that it actually hurts to feel how stupid it is. This can be a hair-brained plan that goes awry or sending kids into battle with no training or powers whatsoever or even using a girl with psychic power to make your suit of armor stronger but it just attracts more kaijin so it just defeats the purpose. Not really much to this one I just felt like adding it to extinguish all doubt. I don't think this one warrants a Visual Aid so I'll forgo it this time.

Well that's all I've got for this glossary. If I missed anything please leave a comment and let me know. I will amend it ASAP. Later.

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